Tuesdays with Abhijata

November 2, 2021

"Atha. Now. Now that we are living let’s do something. This is an auspicious moment, the most auspicious one we have. This is what takes us out of the fear and fright that guides our mind’s chatter."

Tuesday’s. 8 am Central Standard Time. I haven’t had regular weekly guidance from a teacher in almost 20 years. For all the negative things covid brought into our lives, having direct weekly access to Abhijata Iyengar has been an anchor. An anchor to someone who removes the darkness and reveals the light, during a time ripe with hard lessons to learn, I am so grateful.

Struggling with the death of loved ones? Yes. So many of us are now bound by this fate. Body finally succumbing to the stress? Yes. My practice is not what it was regardless of my efforts. Lost or left your job? Can’t make enough money to pay the bills? Yes. Add this to the list. Missing the touch of friends and family? Yes. Never knew how much this helped cope through struggles until it was taken away. Confidence at an all time low? Yes. How do I move into a new phase of work, life, parenting, caregiving? There are so many obstacles and outside forces of doubt.

We could be swallowed up by these thoughts, making us debilitated, rejected, doubtful, and “dobber down” as we say in our house. And then there is a shining light. Not one of bubbly joy and praise saying “everything will be alright, pick yourself up because today will be a great day.” Abhijata speaks to the struggle, models the struggle and says, pick yourself up because you are alive! We are here together, be glad to be alive!

She models caring for her children while teaching 300 people on zoom the meaning of practice and detachment. You see her mute herself and tend to her 3 year old son when he needs her attention. She speaks to the trials of our time, directly, to the heart of these issues. She speaks to Covid-19 and the effects it is having on each of us. You can see the effects sometimes in her demeanor too. No pretending, no ignoring, no pushing through, just direct, honest, guidance of how to live in this moment. And yes, rejoice that you are alive and let’s do something with it, because we have a choice. The choice to let the mind guide our actions or to pause, re-focus, create space to gain clarity. Then try again. Learn to communicate with your body, like this short video clip, "your thigh does not want to go up, communicate with your thigh... Please, thigh, go up!"

Thank you Abhijata for being a beacon, a guiding light in darker times through which the yoga of Patanjali flows through you and directly into our hearts. Namaste and 1,000 times thank you.
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